Angel Wood Alpaca Farm is a family owned and operated New Jersey farm started in 1999. Our goal is to help you enjoy alpacas and be a successful alpaca owner.

Alpacas are different things to different people. They and their fiber can be an opportunity for you to be creative, help build a new industry, generate income and enhance your quality of life.

Own and invest with confidence. This is the foundation of success. Confidence requires understanding the business, care and use of alpacas and their fiber.

Ask us about your individual needs. When you visit our farm: 

Our Fiber by Design™ breeding program focuses on improving the quality of alpaca fiber and conformation. We also strive for maintenance of these qualities as alpacas age.

Angel Wood™ herd sires have impressive lineages. They have also proven themselves in the show ring as champions and reserve champions. Their offspring show consistent improvement in fiber and conformation, which is confirmed by high show placements. Improve your herd with a breeding to our herd sires.

Angel Wood™ females and junior herd sires have distinguished show records. They can benefit new as well as established breeding programs.

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